15 Things You Didn’t Know About Earth

Despite the fact that we live here we don’t know everything about our planet. Scientists are discovering something new almost every day and there are even some things we thought we knew.

Here are ten things, you didn’t know about the planet Earth.

1. The Earth’s core.

Through the years pretty much everyone believed that the sun was the main source of energy for the earth should the sun ever stop shining all life on earth would cease to exist shortly afterwards and the human race would become extinct Surprisingly however the core of the earth is just as hot as the sun’s surface around five thousand seven hundred degrees Celsius so should catastrophe strike and something blocked out the rays of the sun the earth’s surface would freeze but we could still harness the energy within the earth to survive in theory.

2. Recycled.

While it’s a known fact that erupting volcano in the ocean create islands and land masses. A lot of us don’t realize the ground for walking on right now is also recycled when magma from deep beneath the earth’s crust erupts it rises to the surface and hardens this hard into magma is referred to as igneous rocks when the tectonic plates shift they move the rocks upward and compact them in the sedimentary rocks over time these rocks and push back down underground and meet up again forming metamorphic rock the cycle repeats recycling itself as it goes.

3. Not a perfect sphere.

It’s been a very long time since the majority of people believe the earth was flat what many didn’t know is that it isn’t perfectly round either around the equator there’s actually a twenty mile boulder near Asia and Australia this gives the earth a rotund appearance so while still technically a circle it’s not a sphere this is caused by the way the earth rotates on its axis.

4. More microbes than people.

Some people may believe that humans are the Don. It’s species on the earth since we have a population of more than seven point four billion as of two thousand and sixteen However this is far from true in a single teaspoon of soil there are more living organisms than people on the whole planet though if we really wanted to feel outnumbered there are more than seven thousand five hundred quintillion grains of sand on Earth that’s not even considering the amount of organisms found in the sea.

5. Space junk.

Over the years humanity has ventured into space more than 135 times all that travelling means a lot of junk and that orbiting the earth some of it is natural such a small piece of space debris others are man made such as discarded rocket bodies and more than two thousand two hundred seventy one satellites is estimated there are as many as three hundred seventy thousand pieces of space junk stuck in the Earth’s orbit since the debris travels at up to twenty two thousand miles per hour it can now be dangerous for a craft to exit our atmosphere.

6. What’s in a day.

All our lives we’ve been told there are twenty four hours in a day it’s considered the amount of time it takes for the Earth to rotate once on its axis in actuality the true amount of time it takes for the Earth to rotate is slightly less than twenty four hours the actual length of the day is twenty three hours fifty six minutes and four seconds in two thousand and eleven after the larger earthquake that shook Japan the earth rotation increased shortening our days by yearly two seconds it slowed down again in two thousand and fifteen to return to normal.

7. Breathing room.

This by only occupying two million one hundred thousand square miles of land the Amazon rain forest accounts for twenty percent of the Earth’s oxygen the other rain forests in Central America Africa Southern Asia and Australia are smaller all four together are the same size as the Amazon on its own there are approximately three point zero four trillion trees worldwide due to global warming in D forestation However there are fewer trees every year.

8. Shifting gravity.

Gravity is constantly pulling down on us keeping us rooted to the ground rather than food noting away but all gravity on Earth isn’t distributed equally for example either the north or south pole you would waypoint five percent more than at the equator there are also some areas such as the Hudson Bay region of Canada where there is less gravity due to the fact there’s less land mass this anomaly is also caused by the magma deep underground and the glaciers on the surface.

9. Dancing Lights.

Depending on where you live or where you traveled it’s possible at some point you’ve seen the green pink and even sometimes blue lights dancing throughout the sky if you’re closer to the north these are called the Aurora Borealis the northern lights further south they’re referred to as Aurora Australis while they appear magical these lights occur when the charged particles from solar flares collide with the Earth’s magnetic field this causes the upper atmosphere near the poles to appear as dancing lights across the sky.

10. Water world.

The earth is roughly seventy percent water with the majority of it covering the Pacific Ocean and despite the fact that our oceans are on our own planet we know more about outer space so far only five percent of our oceans have been explored we have discovered nearly two hundred ten thousand underwater species including fish fungus plants and micro lifeforms it is believe that there could still be well over twenty million species left to discover in the biggest reaches of our underwater world the deepest known point the ocean is equal to twenty four and a half Empire State buildings attached ends to end that’s thirty five thousand six hundred twenty three.

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